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Playing Agario using a browser Learn all about the new game We'll tell you how to play it, the rules and controls in How to play together with a friend on the same card. We will show you how to put a picture on your ball or which skins Agar io has. Browser online game combines simplicity of launch, ease of operation and "multiplayer". And these qualities are very appreciated by our users. The game does not require registration, just enter your nickname and fight. You can play the game and five minutes of work break and "stick" at home at your computer. Plus, you can note the dissimilarity of to other games. How to play the game The game is a browser online game. The essence of the game is that your "ball" needs to move around the field, eating food and other players, and thus become more, gaining points. Forages are small dots of different colors, scattered across the map. By eating them, you become larger, and the number of points increases. The main purpose of the game is to become the biggest ball, gaining the most points and become a champion. Leaders by points are shown in the upper left corner. Management in the game Control for Agar Io is done with the mouse. You just need to point the direction of your ball, maneuvering between the other players. But there are also auxiliary keys: Spacebar used to divide the ball into two equal parts. Separation is accompanied by the ejection of one of the parts in the direction you point the mouse at. For example, you can take over a smaller enemy or escape from it. The W key is used to eject the smaller part of your "body". This part can be used as bait or to catch a smaller object. As you guess you need to grow and absorb all enemies, and the direct interaction between gamers is very active. On the one hand, you can play alone, trying to defeat numerous opponents, and on the other hand, you can make alliances, protecting friends and helping them. By advising to a friend, the user risks not to get into the same session on the same field, because around the world at the same time dozens and thousands of people open the page with the game. If you want to join forces with your comrades or have a fierce fight, you need to be sure that all members of the company will be in the same room. In all browsers, you should select the arrow, although it may look different. After clicking on it, your friends should also select console. In the last line, in capital letters you enter the following text: connect ("***"), where instead of three asterisks you enter the copied text with the IP address. If your friends have connected to the wrong server (you can understand this from the leaderboard), they will have to re-enter the command in the right pane until there is room for them.

Secrets of the game Agario The player controls the bacteria cell by moving it over a two-dimensional playing field using a mouse or keyboard. Initially the cell is small, but during the game it usually grows, for this purpose the player absorbs food, as small pellets of food scattered on the game field, and other players. A cell can absorb those cells that are at least 10% smaller but smaller cells move faster. A cell can be split in half (by clicking on a space) and the parts are ejected in opposite directions and can thus absorb smaller cells. The cell can also eject food pellets in the right direction (by pressing W) for example to lay traps or to trigger "viruses". In the standard mode, FFA (Free-for-All - "pile of small"), there is no goal, in achieving which the player wins, but on each playing field there is a rating of 10 largest players, and many players strive to get into it. Other players are trying to destroy the biggest players or just pharmacy by feeding on pellets scattered across the playing field. Social side There is no chat in the game, but it is possible to choose the nickname that will be displayed on the player's cell, as well as in the ranking of the 10 largest players in case of getting there. At the same time, the nickname "Help me", indecent things (nationalistic and sexual), as well as political nicknames like "Trump" or "North Korea" are popular on the maps in the "North America" region. Usually the cell is filled with one random colour, but when choosing some nicknames, the cells change into a special picture, for example, the cells with the nickname "Earth" look like the Earth, and the cells with the nickname "France" look like the flag of France. Such special nicknames are country names, as well as, for example, the names of some world leaders and some Internet memes. As a result, in opinion of some analysts, the game board often looks like a battlefield between different ideas and memes. For example, before the parliamentary elections in Turkey in June 2015, the game was rivalry between players supporting different political parties. The principle of natural selection in miniature To play Agario online means to become a participant in the main evolutionary process for the visibility of a strongly compressed in time. As the biology textbook tells us, the meaning of natural selection is to increase the number of individuals with maximum adaptability to life on Earth and reduce it with a minimum. Well, in short; the strong one devours the weak one. However, in the case of Agario, this happens online. All of them strive for one thing; to survive. The only way to do this is to make sure that you don't get eaten by the bigger players, but by eating those who are smaller. This is the only way to become stronger. The uncomplicated graphics enhance this deceptive impression. In fact, in front of you is a dynamic and quite complex strategy, in the process of which you will have to break your head well.


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